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Training, Therapy & Consultancy

To ensure our training, therapy consultancy services achieve their maximum impact, we employ four vital elements to our approach:

Stakeholder focus

We ensure that our training, therapy and consultancy services focus on the concerns and interests of children and all other key stakeholders; including foster carers who often feel forgotten.

Child-centred approach

Children are at the heart of our training, therapy and consultancy services; our services reflect the diverse needs of children in care.

Quality research

All course content, therapy and consultancy services are thoroughly researched to ensure they are current, relevant and objective. They have also been developed with input from relevant organisations such as the Fostering Network, Virtual School and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM

Quality training, therapy & consultancy services CPD Accredited

Our training courses are CPD accredited and trainers adopt a professional approach to delivering our training courses. We ensure our courses are accessible, informative, challenging and memorable and have an element of fun.

Our therapists are sensitive to the needs of clients ensuring that they feel empowered and listened to.

Our consultants ensure that clients' briefs are fully understood, delivered to exacting standards, on time and on budget.

Face-to-Face & Virtual Classrooms

All our courses can be delivered face-to-face or via virtual classrooms.


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